• Podsoc #50

Working with young people who offend:

In conversation with Jioji Ravulo

Working with young people who offend and their families can be challenging. Jioji Ravulo talks in this podcast about his research and practice with marginalised youth and their families. He highlights a model that emphasises strengths, inclusion, community and collaboration.

Jioji Ravulo joined the University of Western Sydney after 12 years of professional practice. Working predominately with marginalised communities across South West Sydney, Jioji has been involved in projects funded to work with New South Wales Department of Juvenile Justice and New South Wales Police. He is enthusiastic about developing and implementing community-based service models that effectively engage and provide support for young people and their families, while promoting pro-social behaviour through intensive case management and counselling support.
In 2009, he completed his professional Doctorate in Cultural Research, examining the development of anti social behaviour in Pacific youth. Jioji has also been involved in providing cultural awareness training for the National Rugby League (NRL), developing capacity and awareness on diversity for both players and staff across the organisation.

In 2012, Pasifika Achievement To Higher Education (PATHE) was created, a new initiative to raise and sustain aspirations towards further education and training within Pacific communities. Additionally, Jioji is involved in developing International Field Education opportunities across the Pacific Islands by working collaboratively as a Visiting Academic to the University of the South Pacific (School of Social Sciences) and respective community service projects, agencies and organisations.

Jioji is also from a performing arts background. His acting work includes guest roles in "Pizza" (TV - SBS), as a cast member of "Swift and Shift Couriers" (TV - SBS), "Housos vs Authority" (Movie) and "Housos" (TV - SBS). For videos and more see references below…

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