• Podsoc #21

Social work in the field of brain injuries:

In conversation with Grahame Simpson

Grahame Simpson talks to us today about social work in the field of brain injuries. His miniature schnauzers, Abbey and Hayley, feel compelled to join the conversation.

Dr Grahame Simpson is Senior Research Fellow, Research Team Leader/ Social Worker – Clinical Specialist at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, Liverpool Hospital. Dr Simpson has 25 year’s experience as a practitioner and researcher in the area of psychosocial adjustment to traumatic brain injury. He has won international and national awards for his research, with 36 publications in peer review journals and over $5.8 million in research funding. He is Assistant Editor of the journal Brain Impairment, and sits on two Editorial Boards (Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, Australian Social Work).

He is a Foundation Fellow of the Australian College of Social Work, Member of the National Research Committee of the Australian Association of Social Workers and co-founder of the International Network for Social Workers in Acquired Brain Injury. He has an honorary appointment at the University of Sydney as Senior Lecturer with the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

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