• Podsoc #59

Lesbian asylum seekers in the UK:

In conversation with Claire Bennett

Imagine seeking asylum in a foreign country. Got it. Pretty tough. Now imagine you had to prove your sexual orientation in a court of law. Lesbian asylum seekers in the UK have to do just that. Claire Bennett talks to us about her work with refugees and her research on lesbian asylum seekers in the UK

Claire Bennett recently submitted her PhD exploring how lesbian asylum seekers navigate the UK asylum process and how this impacts on the construction of their social and sexual identity (University of Sussex, ESRC studentship). She is currently a visiting Scholar at the Weeks Centre for Social Research and Policy, London South Bank University and a member of the University of Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies (SCCS).

Prior to her academic experience, Claire worked in the voluntary sector for over ten years and specialised in working with refugees and asylum seekers (Claire was the researcher on the Women’s Project at Asylum Aid and she also worked in refugee and repatriation camps in Pakistan and Cambodia). Alongside this, she has also worked with women and children who have experienced physical and sexual violence (including street children and child sex workers in Ethiopia) and children affected by HIV/AIDS and disability (in Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania).

Her publications include: Bennett (2014) 'Lesbians and UK Asylum Law: Evidence and Existence' in Arbel, E. Dauvergne, C., Millbank, J. (eds) 'Gender and Refugee Law: From the Margins to the Centre' (forthcoming publication, see link below for chapter details)

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