• Podsoc #74

Disruption beyond adoption

In conversation with Julie Selwyn

In this podcast, Julie Selwyn talks about a study conducted with colleagues on UK adoption disruptions involving severely abused children adopted from care. She paints a picture of complex cases and the need for child participation and preparation, ongoing therapeutic support for children and adoptive parents, support and training for foster parents, and the importance of open communication about a child’s history and other ongoing issues.

Professor Julie Selwyn is Director of the Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies in the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol and is a member of the Adoption Leadership Board. Before joining the University Julie worked for 15 years, as a social worker and residential worker. She has published widely on substitute care including: the placement of minority ethnic children; studies of young people’s view of foster care; outcomes for older children placed for adoption; contact; and the recruitment of minority ethnic adopters. She led a BIG lottery funded study on kinship care, which for the first time used census data to calculate the number of kinship carers in the UK. She has recently completed studies of adoption disruption in England and Wales. Research findings can be accessed at www.bristol.ac.uk/hadley. She is currently working on ways to measure looked after children’s wellbeing.

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